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How We Started

In 1999, Amazing Facts invited me to conduct a series of meetings in India to establish a church in a village which had no Seventh-day Adventist presence. Accepting the invitation resulted in an unforgettable, Spirit-filled experience! Watching the hall fill with those precious souls, mostly Hindus, that first night, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the realization that God was giving me 23 nights to show these people that much, if not all, that they had ever learned about religion was false and that Jesus was their Savior! Burdened with that weight of responsibility the words “O Lord, how am I ever going to do this?” escaped from my lips!

God answered my question in His own words, “And I if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all men unto Me.” John 12:32. Immediately I responded with, “Yes, Lord, that is the solution!” I promised that if He would stand by my side every night, helping me to show how every teaching we have is centered in Him, I would have the courage to stand up there and open my mouth for Him to speak through. The Lord did stand by my side every night, giving me the right words for every presentation! That village witnessed the establishment of a strong, permanent, though small Seventh-day Adventist church!

As the meetings were nearing completion a deep longing sprang up within my heart, “Oh that God would bring me back to India, so I could do this again and again!” Early one morning the Lord responded to this deep longing that He’d planted in my heart. As I sent my request to Him, He assured me, “Roger, I am bringing you back because I have work here for you to do!” His assurance was so definite I began telling friends I’d be back. Asked when, I could only say, “He hasn’t told me that yet; I just know I’ll be back

God Provided the Way

But permit me to back track a bit to the time that I first received the Amazing Facts invitation. Just previous to this my wife and I had been “tent maker” missionaries in several countries, and had no real savings left for such a venture—not even for the air fare. Not wanting to run when I wasn’t sent, and longing for divine confirmation for my involvement in this project, I looked heavenward, not only for strength and wisdom to do the best possible job, but that if He was really behind this invitation, He would provide the wherewithal without my asking anyone for it.

I clung to God’s promises in Philippians 4:19, Ephesians 3:20, etc., where God promises to supply, even beyond all we can ask or think, for our every need to advance His work. Funds began to appear in the most interesting ways. Things happened so rapidly that I really had no time to do anything but procure and organize my materials and pack my bags.

As I boarded the plane in Denver a few weeks later bound for India I finally had time to figure up just how much God had sent me: the figure was $3,551.00. At first Amazing Facts advised that I should take $3,500.00 with me for all the expenses involved. Later they revised their estimate to $4,500.00 since hotel lodging was found to be more expensive than first believed.

Mentally searching for ways to stretch that $3,551.00, I asked my Father in Heaven to work something out so I might be able to lodge with an Indian family. He did exactly that! Staying with that family was a very rewarding experience, helping me to better understand the Indian people, and how best to minister to them as well as simply forming closer ties with them.

Later, as I anticipated going back to India, I made that same agreement with the Lord about not asking for money. One Sabbath a senior brother in the Church asked me if I wanted to go back to India. Emphasizing the great needs I’d seen in India I affirmed I would indeed like to return, this time with my wife, and spend a year working there. Looking me in the eye, he said, “Get your loose ends tied up.” And then he offered me a sum—and what a sum! It was the exact amount I had calculated would be necessary to cover the costs of such a project for an entire year.

Classes for Pentecostal Pastors

When Doug Batchelor was in India, a Pentecostal pastor from the State of Andhra Pradesh had asked if Doug could possibly go up to his area to teach some 30 Pentecostal pastors just what Seventh-day Adventists believe. Of course, Doug was very interested, but lacked the time to go those 500 miles north from Chennai (formerly Madras) and take 30 question-filled Pentecostal pastors through an intensive course of Bible doctrines. Doug knew they needed more than a crash course! Nine months later my wife and I arrived in India. Learning of our arrival in Chennai, the Amazing Facts director wondered if I’d be willing to tackle the job. Even as he was speaking I sensed God had been preparing me for this all along. Accepting the challenge soon put us on our way 500 miles north.

Procuring a car and an Indian driver’s License was hard, but a minor hurdle compared to the rest that that first year held in store! Classes in 3-hour blocks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) were scheduled each week for those 30 pastors, while every night we held evangelistic meetings in another location. Apparently those 30 pastoral students talked a lot about the classes, for after a few weeks there were no longer 30 in attendance but 75!

More than busy was only the beginning. We soon began speaking 12 times EVERY WEEK for the next 10 months. But the results were more than worth the busy investment. The Lord gently wooed 13 Pentecostal congregations into a loving understanding of the beauties of present truth. Responding to another Amazing Facts request to form yet another congregation closer to Chennai brought a total of 14 new churches, where the year before there had been none.

Stone's Valley Foundation: Taking Care of Children

Churches, however, were not the only things that took shape that first year. Moved with pity for the suffering of the many orphans of the area we opened, “Stone’s Loving Care Orphanage.” Shortly after opening, a Christian of another faith told us rather emphatically that the word “Orphanage” must not be used in the name, for that “word” would alert the local Hindu government officials that ours was a Christian organization. Therefore, we must change the name post haste! He said, “Use the word ‘Foundation’ in your name. That’s a safe word to use here in India.” “Stone,” being our last name, and living in a valley of stone quarries, the name, “Stone’s Valley Foundation,” was a natural.

What We've Accomplished the Last 10+ Years

Now, you’re probably wondering just what’s been accomplished in the last 10+ years. Let me first go on record as saying, our dear Father in Heaven stands behind His promises—everyone of them! He’s supplied all our needs, never leaving us to lack for anything we ever really needed. Our Paymaster not only owns all the cattle on a thousand hills but the hills on which those cattle feed as well. His goodness is beyond words!!!

Our “Stone Foundation” started with but 4 children, expanding to 18 by the end of the second year. During that second year the Lord also formed 12 more new churches from our labors. Our orphan population has varied from 25 to 40 children during the past 5 years, with girls always accounting for more than half the number. Now we have 74. Each year has seen more churches established until presently we have over 70 new congregations cared for by 42 pastors whose monthly salaries are the responsibility of the Foundation.

Last year a young acquaintance asked why I didn’t teach more pastors. Wasn’t 140 enough? I wondered, mentally reviewing the cost involved. You see, teaching pastors here in India involves our paying their round trip transportation plus lunch. These men would never be able to come otherwise. “But sir, wouldn’t you be able to teach just a few more at this other location?” I finally agreed to a FEW more.

The next Thursday he had 17 pastors for me to teach. Well, that is a few. The next week there were 23, the following week 57! I mentioned I thought we had enough for now, but he said, “Oh just a ‘few few’ more, please!” Uhh, well, reluctantly I agreed to a ‘few few’ more. Next week I learned the meaning of ‘few few’ as 157 crowded the place with 218 coming the following week. The ‘few few’ did finally stabilize at 220 each week at the other location, and both together totaled 360 pastors—each week.

Some of these men were riding the train from 5 hours to the north while others were coming from 4 hours to the south to attend the classes. The weekly cost for all of this travel and food for these 360 pastors came to $600.00! Many times I wondered just how the Foundation would pull through the week. However, the Lord knew all about the needs and before the need was felt in India He moved on hearts far away to send help, which always arrived before the moment of need! AMAZING FACT: No pastoral student ever missed his meal or his ride!

Three times in nine months I covered the principal Seventh-day Adventist doctrines. The third time through, as I presented the Sabbath, about 60 understood its significance and accepted it!

At that very time 2 other men came asking for classes in their areas—80 pastors in one area with 32 in the other. Already speaking and teaching 14 times every week, I simply could not stretch myself further, so I had to turn down these other requests! I felt sad, but from experience I knew that speaking 12 to 18 times each week for many months brings me to a point of mental exhaustion requiring a breather before I can take the work up again.

Maranatha Churches

One day a Seventh-day Adventist Bible teacher, called to tell me of an area where Maranatha had built 422 beautiful new churches. There was a problem. The Conference simply did not have the pastors for so many new congregations. The Conference recruited as many men as possible and provided as much instruction in Seventh-day Adventist doctrines as there was time for, but more teaching was necessary. This brother volunteered to teach as many of these men as he could if I would be willing to furnish the finances.

Initially, he only told me about 40 churches. Three weeks after starting classes for the 40 church pastors, the Conference president called saying, “I’ve been attending the classes; they’re wonderful! Actually there are 350 pastors altogether who need these same classes. Our experienced pastors really need a refresher course…and the new ones, well, they need much more training. Brother Stone, would you be willing for me to move that teacher to a different ‘Circle’ each week of the month?” So, it was agreed we’d take care of 4 “Circles” each month instead of just one.

We’re now training 175 each month instead of 40. Sounds good? Yes, until we think of the others who are still waiting for the preparation they so desperately need! A major problem is the near impossibility of finding a teacher there who understands our doctrines well enough to teach them. I would like to mention that the president is a good teacher and does do his share!

Meals, a Home, and a School

Another day, another phone call, from this same brother! “There are 55 children here who have no father, and 34 of these are of mothers with AIDS. Would you be willing to furnish just one meal a day for these kids? You know, Brother Stone, many of these children don’t have any food several days each week.” Well, what would you do with such a request? “Oh, of course I’m willing, but ….”

Interrupting, he continued, “My wife, you know, is the principal of the Adventist school in town. Could you possibly rent a house near the school so there will be somewhere to prepare the food? And these kids are needing to have uniforms … and … and ….” The final agreement was: we’d help furnish diesel for the bus to pick up the 55 children along with the other school children, rent a house, hire a cook, and pay for a tutor to help these 55 to catch up to where they should be in their classes!

The Stone Foundation also sponsors 12 young people to go to Flaiz Memorial Adventist Academy, with another 6 girls in nursing school, and 6 more starting this next school year.

Television Ministry

Recently, the owner of a TV station approached Pastor Elisha Rao, asking him if we would be willing to start a program, explaining Seventh-day Adventist teachings. Elisha Rao informed the owner that we couldn’t afford to spend the money it would take to do something like that. The owner told him how much they liked the Seventh-day Adventist programs already in existence, and said they would be willing to give it to us for half price! He then named an unbelievably low price! To make a long story short: We did sign a contract and did begin the programs. The response has been fantastic!!!

The program airs at 5:30 each Friday morning. At first I was unhappy to have it air so early in the morning. But as soon as phone calls started coming in, I could see that everything was in God’s timing! We have been reaching many Muslim women who are completely cut off from everyone except their own families. They have been calling and telling how they have accepted Jesus after viewing our program, while their families were sleeping! They warn us to never try to contact them. Also, many Hindus have accepted Jesus when they have understood who He really is! We know that we are going into at least 250,000 homes each week!

I hope that this short report has given you an idea of what laymen are doing, not only in India, but around the world. We all need so badly to implicitly believe God’s Word, knowing HE IS BEHIND ALL OF HIS PROMISES!!! HE WILL KEEP HIS WORD! HE DOES CARE FOR HIS OWN!


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