TV Ministry Changes Lives

Here are some of the letters we have received from listeners to our television program, God's True Light, hosted by Pastor Elisha Rao.

Ajeebu—Daughter. Rahmathi—Mother.

Ajeebu met with an accident. Rahmatbi became seriously ill and was bed-ridden. Both were afraid of death and rejection of family members.

They Prayed to Allah for healing for one whole year—no improvement Later, on the advice of neighbors they turned to Hindu gods and temples, but there was no improvement.

Suddenly, very early one morning, they turned on the TV and began searching for a Telegu, Christian channel to watch. They found the Subhavartha channel. God’s True Light program had just started, with Pastor Elisha Rao speaking. This morning he had been impressed to talk about “What the God of the Bible is really like.”

Before, we had heard about Jesus, but thought He was a prophet of some kind. But the pastor told us that He is very God, the one and the only God, and there is no other! He read verses from the Bible showing us that He is eternal and all powerful, and nothing is impossible for Him. Whatever we ask Him, He will do for us.

The pastor urged us to try Him. We didn’t know how to pray, so we simply closed our eyes and talked to Jesus. In two days both my Mother and I were healed. This convinces us that Jesus is the true God.

Please pray that all our family members and relatives will become believers and worshippers of Jesus Christ. Please pray for our Salvation and our health and happiness.

Maseedbibee, Basha — Husband — from Hyderabad, Capitol

Before New Year’s Day January 1, 2009 we had so many troubles! My Husband was a drunkard and went after other women, contracted sexual diseases, became bed ridden and was suffering very much.

From News Year's Day we started watching the Good News Telegu Christian Channel, especially God’s True Light programs. Ever since we started watching that TV program, which always explains about Jesus, we have found great comfort and peace.

After watching the GTL program for several months, we accepted Jesus as our God and Savior. Now we regularly pray to Him. Jesus is answering our prayers, and is taking our troubles and other problems away! Since we have accepted Jesus as our God, our relatives and community members are treating us like outcasts.

Please pray that we will remain strong in our new faith, and can be good fearless witnesses to those who treat us in an unkind way. Please also pray that our health will continue to be good.

Jonah Babu — Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh

I received a Bachelor’s Degree from the Evangelical Bible College, Hyderabad, and Capitol of A.P.

While I was in College I felt the burden to be a missionary to Himachal Pradesh, another state in northern India. Many of my friends and classmates are working in some of the other northern states of India, where the Gospel is not welcome.

I along with many of my fellow missionaries, here in northern India, are thrilled and encouraged by watching God’s True Light TV program each Friday morning at 5:50.

We never knew anything about the end-time messages found in the Bible. The College never had any classes on those subjects. We are very thankful and happy that Pastor Elisha Rao is giving these subjects on the TV Program God’s True Light. We are very thankful to the TV Station, and the sponsors for telecasting such urgent, relevant messages for our time!

Please pray for my wife Usha and my son Sandesh and daughter Sheela, as we serve as a family team in a purely Hindu state along the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain ranges.

Emmanuel, from Kakinada, Ramaraopet

I am a student Pastor from GR Larne Bible College

I have been very much enriched by the God’s True Light TV messages! What we are not learning from the Bible College, many of us are learning from your TV programs.

Many of us here at the College are REALLY enjoying your messages! We find that we are spiritually strengthened and drawn closer to God. We also feel like we are being prepared to be good Bible gospel workers through your TV training.

Please pray that God will help us to really understand the Bible-based truths that you are presenting over Subhavartha Channel.

Please pray that the Lord will help me find a good, God-fearing, truly converted girl to be united in marriage with.

Please pray that the dear Lord will guide us into what and where He wants our ministry to be in the future.


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