Nurses Graduating

It is always a thrill to go to the graduation of one of the girls we have put through nursing school! They are usually very proud of themselves, because they are rising above what their mothers or other relatives have done. Now they will be able to help with the family income too!

New Corner Stones for New Churches

Recently we visited two churches 250 miles apart and laid the corner stones. Pedipalem is one of the oldest congregations we have. We built a new church there 8 years ago. We built it much bigger than they would ever need!!! However, now the building is not even half big enough! This village is in a key location. It is the largest village in the Naxalite area where we have an SDA presence. It is in a central location, so we will be using the new church for campmeetings for all of the churches in the communist-held territory. The old church will become the parsonage. Please pray with us as we gather the funds to bring it to completion.


As the weather got cold(?) it became necessary to buy some more blankets for the orphan children. In this picture we just gave 35 blankets to the children.

The Grand Finale of Nurses Training

We have sponsored quite a number of girls through Nurses College. As we attend each graduation, we feel well repaid! The girls have begun to come back and give small amounts of money to repay what we put out for them. A couple of them have done exceptionally well, and are now helping to support their families, for which we feel very gratified! Out of 8 girls that have finished, only one girl feels no gratitude for what we have done for her. That is a much better average than Jesus had! This was a large, well-attended graduation. I was congratulating myself on not having to speak, until I heard my name being called from the front! How many times do I get 15 seconds to think of something to say, as I am walking to the front! I sure am thankful I have a Heavenly Father who is willing to help!!!!!

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